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At daycare, at school and soon at home, it's "Push-Pop" madness!

Attractive, evolving and soothing, we love them because they are, all at once...

  • A sensory and educational toy in vibrant colors for the little ones. They'll work on fine motor skills, name colors, count bubbles, create patterns, and more!
  • A proven tool for calming down or concentrating for older people.
  • A creative and original "tabletop" game! Who will find the pompom hidden under a bubble first? Will create a form the fastest? Will be the last of the opponents to push a bubble using only one hand?
  • Easy-to-handle entertainment, even in the car, thanks to their rigid frame.
  • An eco-friendly and satisfying version of popping bubble wrap!

Hours of fun in perspective!

Due to the manufacturing technique of the product, the colors and layout of the patterns present on the "Tie-Dye" model are all unique and may differ from the examples shown in these images.

No returns related to product color/pattern will be accepted.



 Do not leave a child unattended with the toy. Check the product before each use to confirm that no part is damaged. Discontinue use if product is damaged. Hand wash with soap and water. Allow to dry in the open air. Wash before first use.

Product made in China