Bibs Baby Bottle Set | Light blue

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The Bibs Baby Bottle Set is your ultimate essential for making your bottles more effective and aesthetically pleasing. The set allows you to mix and match your bottles with your favorite Bib colors.

The teat has been specially developed to match the teat of our popular classic BIBS pacifier which promotes the correct sucking technique for successful breastfeeding, so there is no confusion if you are breastfeeding and supplementing with a bottle. The teat is made from soft natural rubber latex and designed with an anti-colic valve, to ensure the best milk flow for your baby. Nipples are available with medium slow flow (sold separately), suitable for both milk and water. Fits Nuk and Gerber brand bottles

The set contains

A milk lock for easy and hygienic storage, which will fit under the cap. A funnel to fill the bottle quickly and easily with less milk/formula waste. A slow flow teat. *Medium size sold separately A cap for easy carrying and keeping the pacifier clean. Set does not include glass bottle



Before first use, disassemble and clean the product. Place the components in boiling water for 5 minutes. (Do not boil) Teat: Soak teat in boiling water for 5 minutes. (Do not boil) Take it out of the water and let it dry on a clean towel. DO NOT STERILIZE IN MICROWAVE OR DISHWASHER. These sterilization methods could damage the natural rubber of the teat. Check the product before each use, especially if the child has teeth. Validate that no part is damaged. Discontinue use immediately if product is damaged. Do not leave the child without adult supervision when using the bottle. We recommend replacing the teat every 4-6 weeks for safety and hygiene reasons. Never leave the bottle nipple exposed to direct sunlight, near a heat source or in a disinfectant solution. All parts are made from 100% food grade material with the utmost respect for safety and recyclability. The product meets the European standard EN 1400+1

Created and manufactured in Denmark for 30 years.