Our story

Who are we?

Jululu's story is a bit like a fairy tale..

The Improbable:

The company was created in September 2015, a few months after the birth of our daughter Julia. This wonderful little girl was born from a love story that was as impossible as it was improbable.


Seeking to make fabulous little outfits for my baby, I shopped around for some nice pacifier clips. Lack of budget, I couldn't afford as much as I wanted.

To create:

So I decided to creat some myself! My husband then offered to buy what was needed in order to sell some, to which I replied: NEVER. But, never say never!

At first:

The first pacifier clip was designed on my kitchen counter. The next day, all the pacifier clips produced were already sold. I decided to do more than just a new hobby that helped me to flourish in my role as a mom. Gradually, we had our first point of sale, then 2, then 3, then a workshop, new products and so on!

That turned into success: 

Our reputation is well established. We are increasing our points of sale, our fans on Facebook and Instagram as well as our employees. This is how 5 women, the majority of whom are young mothers, are working with us to develop this great adventure.

Our mission is to offer you AFFORDABLE and safe products.

The vast majority of our products are handmade in Quebec.

The most important: Jululu is a family story made up of 4 members. 

My husband, also called Francis. Optician by trade and father by vocation, he is the head of communications, finance and accounting. 

Myself, Annabel, ex-travel agent, mother, creator, designer and producer.

Julia, first baby who became a big girl. Muse and official tester. She is also a secretary in her hours. So do not be surprised to receive unreadable messages or emojis from her. 

Rose, also called Rooshe by her sister. She is our youngest, our sun and our muse for new products.

For the curious: Where does the name Jululu come from?

It was Julia's nickname when she was still in my womb. So that's the first name that came to mind, and it's the one that stuck!