Bibs pacifiers | Light blue discovery set

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* Bibs pacifiers are sold in packs of 4 different pacifiers * 

WARNING!! Actual pacifier color may vary from color seen on official photo provided by BIBS. The colors are more accurate in the photo which shows all the available colors.

In a market with so many pacifiers to choose from, this can be confusing. Being a parent is a big journey. However, this journey can also be stressful for new parents who are unsure of which products are best for their babies. When it comes to pacifiers, no size or shape is right or wrong because all babies are different. When using a pacifier, it's important to try out different shapes and sizes to find the perfect fit for your baby.

In this collection, you will have a pacifier of 4 different categories (Classic, De Lux, Supreme and Couture), with a selection of all types of pacifiers (Round, Symmetrical and Anatomical) and of materials (Natural Rubber Latex and Silicone). For you and your baby to test and find your favorite BIBS pacifier.

They can be paired with our pacifier clips to complete the look of your mini.


Sterilize the pacifier before first use. To sterilize, dip the pacifier in a bowl with boiling water. DO NOT STERILIZE IN MICROWAVE OR DISHWASHER. These sterilization methods could damage the silicone nipple. If water does get inside the nipple, squeeze the nipple firmly to remove the water.

Clean and sterilize the pacifier daily.

Check the product before each use, especially if the child has teeth. Validate that no part is damaged. Immediately discontinue use if the product is damaged. Do not leave the child without adult supervision when using the pacifier.

Replace the rubber pacifier after 4-6 weeks of use and 3-4 months for silicone pacifiers for safety and hygiene reasons.

Never leave the pacifier exposed to direct sunlight, near a heat source or in a disinfectant solution.

If the pacifier accidentally gets stuck in a child's mouth, gently remove it. The ventilation holes are specially designed to prevent suffocation.

Color variation is possible for 100% natural rubber nipples. The shell is made of lightweight, strong and safe polypropylene.

Le produit répond au standard Européen EN 1400+1

Créé et fabriqué au Danemark depuis 30 ans.