Multipurpose placemat | SLIGHT DEFECTS

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*** FINAL SALE ***

Here are our multi-purpose placemats at a ridiculous price!

Why are they so inexpensive? Because they have slight imperfections.

The placemats mostly have a single defect, but could also have several.

Here are the most common faults:

- hole on silicone

- Small stains - Bubble in the silicone

- Imperfection in logo printing

IThey are just as functional, but depending on the problem they could break more quickly.

In a parent's life, the calculation is simple: less time to pick up damage, more time to spend with our little ones! Jululu's multi-purpose placemats are the perfect answer to this problem because they:


  • Super easy to clean!
  • Have a raised lip to help contain the mess.
  • Are compatible with our suction cup *
  • Roll and fold into a compact and convenient travel size **.
  • Useful during meal/snack time, to hold small food pieces*** or puzzle pieces as well during a particularly messy DIY project !!


* If installed on a surface where a single bowl could adhere.

** Flat dimension: 30 cm by 40 cm (11.8 in by 15.7 in)

*** Never leave a child without adult supervision with small objects.


The multi-use placemat is made of BPA free silicone, cadmium, lead or phthalate 



Can be washed in the dishwasher, but hand washing with soap and water is strongly recommended in order to maintain optimum quality for as long as possible. Wash before first use.



Check the integrity of the product before each use to confirm that no part is damaged. Discontinue use of a product if it is damaged. Do not leave the child without adult supervision when using the placemat.