La Marmaillerie

For 2 precious years, La Marmaillerie was a Mother-Daughter project that allowed me to take full advantage of the time I had left with my mother.

Last December, my mom passed away. The cancer never left. We were simply lucky enough to outsmart it for a little longer than expected.

Announcing her departure here is one of the many stages of my mourning. Little by little, I become aware of her absence. Little by little, I let her go.

To make things easier, I put online this ultimate collection on the Jululu web store.

A few new models, a few new colors, a few restockings as well.

Each launch has been a ray of sunshine in my mom's life. Each of the orders sent has been a small delight for us.

As a customer, you have been part of our story. And for that, I can never thank you enough.

Annabel xxx

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