To elf or not to elf

To lutin or not to lutin

Something is running through my head. It makes my bain spin and i juggle with the idea of ​​talking to you about it for 1 week.

I want to take my Santa hat off for a second, unplug my Super-Woman battery, add a few tasks to on my tomorrow's to do list and sit down to write you this.

I warn you, what you are about to read, you have certainly already heard it elsewhere. I even refrain myself from writing the words mental load the $%$%?s of words that ill make you go just by reading them! #dontleaveme

So I'm going to make something clear to you right away: I'm not the Grinch!

The magic of the holidays, the excitement of December, the trill of secretly wrapped presents, the smell of cookies and the anticipation of waiting for the first snowball fight with the girls, I have all that X1000!

BUT… (because you can imagine, there is a "but")

I also have a great discomfort that usually sets in at the end of November. At first, I am really excited! I'm thinking of all the traditions I could start this year: the magic potthe magic box of christmas, "Dear Santa Claus" lantern , the naughty elves, the exchange of cookies...

Then suddenly, I have a mini-panic. My brain begins to calculate the number of tricks, scintillating surprises, fun and thematic activities that I will have to imagine, plan, prepare...

Then, i tell myself STOP!

Stop me. Not you. Not next door. Not to the planetary population. To me.

Because I know myself. I know for a fact that even if I tell myself that I'm going to do all this, but relax, chill, stress-free-in-pleasure-and-fullness...

I'm still going to pick myself up panicked on a Wednesday night trying togoogle “how to fix gingerbread house failure” or “best way to get rid of elves without tears” or “possibility of Christmas cancellation?”.

But that's me! While chatting a little around me, I had testimonials from moms telling me that basically, they took as much pleasure as their little ones at the magic box. If not more!

And you know what? It's PERFECTLY FINE! It doesn't take anything away from me, I'm still a good mom, our house is not a dark and lifeless cavern, we're all going to arrive at Christmas the same time.

What is #toomuch for the planning part of my brain may very well be someone else's highlight of the year!

Basically, what I wanted to say, I believe, is that if some people are fed up hearing exasperated parents or a bit overwhelmed speak up to show the gray areas of parenting... me, it is the tyranny of happiness that frightens me!

We don't all have to approach the holidays the same way. I love to witness on social networks the creativity and the joy of parents who navigate all the Christmas traditions… but allow me to choose those that adapt smoothly to my reality!

So for us, this year, it will be naughty elves, our favorite Christmas movie and cooking days with my mother… but it will be, «chill», « very relaxing», «stress-free-in-pleasure-and-plenitude»…


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  • Mamie Loulou: December 20, 2021

    Je te comprends tellement. L’année que j’ai gardé les filles, j’ai stressé 3 jours à trouver des mauvais coups de lutins. Écouter des musiques et des films de Noël met beaucoup plus l’ambiance des Fêtes et y’a rien de mieux qu’un bon film accompagné d’un chocolat chaud pour ramener le calme dans la maison. Bisous de Mamie Noël 🤶🏻

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