Simple and festive recipes to make with the children!

Recettes simples et festive à faire avec les enfants!


Come in! Come in! Don't be embarrassed! Welcome in my kitchen!

Let me introduce myself, I'm Muffin Mom. It's a nice nickname Annabel gave me, probably on the 128th photo of food sent by private message!

In my home, during the holidays, we play, on make arts and crafts, we sing, we pack, we unpack, we go to bed late, we get up… early (CHILDREN DO NOT SLEEP!!), but above all, above all, we cook !

Making simple recipes with the kids, when you have plenty of time and not too many plans, is one of my favorite things in life!

So you won't be surprised to learn that I have in my possession a far too long list of ideas for treats to make with my family the second I put away my keyboard for the holidays.

I wanted to share a small part of it with you, in order to provide you with an alternative to the twelfth game of Monopoly!

But BEWAR! I leave you my inspirations a little all over the place... some recipes are classics tested hundreds of times, others are recent discoveries that I can't wait to try.

Let me know what you think!


Oatmeal, chia, yogurt, maple & framboises

I make this recipe year round because my youngest would bathe in it! But it's so easy to make with toddlers, healthy and there are so many possibilities to adapt it to your taste that I couldn't miss it!

For quiet mornings in front of the morning cartoons, it's just perfect!

*I put plain yogurt and vanilla essence instead of vanilla yogurt, I use black chia seeds, vanilla unsweetened oat milk and frozen raspberries!

** For a more festive version, add mini dark chocolate chips and dried cranberries at the last minute.


Brunch queens not complicated! And since they can take a bit of time to make with the kids, you'll be happy to know that they freeze perfectly! Here, they are prepared in advance and reheated in the oven the same morning.

With maple's just... WOW!

*I sometimes add hemp seeds to the batter mix to increase the protein intake.

** If you did not know the Olo Foundation website, I invite you to take a look! A gold mine of recipes at low prices!

Picture credit Olo Foundation


Fruit skewers and dip

For the fruit skewers, it's as it is! Follow your imagination… and Pinterest, why not!

For the dip, I advise you to do your research according to what you already have in the fridge and which inspires you: yogurt, cream cheese, maple syrup, honey, etc..

Otherwise, I give you the link to a recipe from Canada's Food Guide... but I would put Greek yogurt in it...but you do you !

Picture credit jenifoto istock4

Crédit Kristen Prahl istock

 Picture credit Kristen Prahl istock

Snow balls

Really, any recipe for no-bake energy balls rolled in shredded coconut can do! Children LOVE modeling them!

If there are allergies in the house, I suggest you use “WowButter” type soy butter, you’ll see, it’s magic!


Creamy Artichoke and Parmesan Dip

Draining, chopping, grating, measuring, mixing, chucking on the slow cooker…there's work for everyone!

In addition, during cooking, there will be raw vegetables and bread to cut... and why not make homemade pita chips while you're at it?

Seriously, this dip is absolutely DELICIOUS! If your children are not used to the strong taste of parmesan, I would reduce the quantity a little.

cantaloupe salsa

Improvised salsas are our specialty!

Usually, we add diced mangoes and avocados to a classic salsa recipe, but here… this cantaloupe version from Ricardo caught my eye!

Obviously, we do not put jalapeño when we have sensitive little mouths nearby. And if we put it on, it's mom who handles it!


Filled chocolate bark
The blog “I am a mom” offers you 3 versions of this absolutely decadent dessert! But, again, sky is the limit! You add the dried fruits, candies, small favorite delicacies of your loves and you become the best parent in the history of humanity! It is obligatory!

I can't ignore this version SMORES... come on !

Picture credit Je suis une Maman

Red Nosed Reindeer

NO recipe list is complete without at least a presence of the Cuisine Futée franchise… their books are the most used in front of my stoves!

The result is so cute and rumor has it that they are Santa's favorite cookies!

Picture credit Hydromel et Ambroisie

Cake in a cone
Also known as magic cones, they will amaze your whole gang!

In my years as a day camp facilitator, we made them in the microwave… the texture must be more interesting using a conventional oven.

Once cooked, the fun is not over! With a choice of icing, candies, coulis, chocolates and jelly beans, everyone can decorate it to their taste. A great activity for sweet tooth!


Here!!! Let us know if you would like to find other lists of recipe ideas in the blog.

Don't forget to review the hygiene and safety rules with your friends before you start and then... ENJOY!

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