Pregnant without knowing it | Part 1 - The storm

Enceinte sans le savoir | Partie 1 - La tempête

At the time, I was working in the field of the outdoors, MY field. I had studied and worked so hard to get there. As a woman, it's hard to carve out a place there.

That winter, I was living the biggest dream of my life. I was guiding long expeditions in a family business, welcoming more than exceptional clients and I knew that I was finally on my X.

Then one evening, while I was preparing for a 15-day adventure with a group, I started feeling sick. I had the feeling that something was wrong. In the field, we often talk about feeling...

Was that a sign that I shouldn't go with the group?
Was my body sending me a message and I had to listen?
Was I going to be sick as I prepared for the expedition of my dreams?

I finally told to everyone that I was going to bed, that sleep would give me advice and that I would certainly be able to make a decision the next morning. I was so, but so FAR from suspecting what was going to happen...

In the middle of the night, I was attacked by an intense stomach ache. I was shaking like a leaf and I couldn't contain the pain. It came and went like waves hitting a shore. I no longer knew how to position myself in my bed and i didn't want to wake up my colleagues who were sleeping in the same dormitory as me.
Walking up and down the building, curling up, lying on the cold ground, walking up and down, lying on the ground again. I managed to endure 2 hours of this ritual.

In the early morning, nothing was going well! It was at 5:30 a.m. that I made the decision to wake up one of my colleagues, the only one who had a driver's license,  to ask him to take me to the emergency room.
The pain was so intense! Was I having an appendicitis attack? The day before I was preparing for the greatest adventure of my life. What was I doing heading towards the hospital, in the middle of a storm?

We were 5 in the old Ford Bronco. Shame ! I was accompanied by my 4 male colleagues and the pain made me lose all my bearings. 30 minutes on your cell phone may seem very short, but let me tell you that in the car, torn apart by suffering and stuck between two hippies, time was endless!
Half an hour of wind and snow, seeing nothing on the road. I held back my cries, I no longer knew how to place myself and even less what was going on inside me!

I finally arrived at the hospital emergency room at 6:10 a.m., completely terrified. Greeted in an empty room, by an inconvenient nurse and intense cold, I left my colleagues behind me.
I head to triage and after a few routine exams, I am asked to undress and lie down... isn't that a bit strange as an instruction for a stomach ache?

In no condition to resist, I lie down on the table. The nurse comes out very happy from between my legs and says to me:
« Madam, there is no stress here, you are dilated at 9. You will give birth within an hour! »
Dila… Dila-what?… At 9!!!!! But what does that mean? I didn't understand anything at all, I couldn't understand.
How could I give birth without even wanting a child? Without having had any signs? How was this possible, when I had experienced a termination of pregnancy 7 months earlier?
The next hour, I didn't see it pass...


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